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Jamie Sine

Donor Coordinator
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Our donor coordinator Jamie started with Blue Ridge in the summer of 2017. Having owned a dog that needed a blood transfusion, she had a desire to learn more about our blood program. We welcomed her as the perfect fit for our donor coordinator position in May of 2018. From working on a horse farm to raising many different species of farm fowl, pocket pets, and caring for the stray cats in her neighborhood, she has only grown in her passion for helping animals. She truly enjoys spending her time meeting all of our doggy blood donors and learning about their wonderful families. She is committed to helping our blood bank grow. Jamie lives in beautiful Harpers Ferry with her husband and their menagerie of animals. She is owned by 6 fun-loving felines and her three pups. Her most recent addition to the family, Tank, the hound/pit mix, is working through the steps of learning how to donate blood. Lifesaving definitely runs in the family!