A big thank you to a local hospital and a retiring donor.

A Big Thank You

When you meet a group of people who are excited and supportive of the work you do.. We can not thank you enough Pet Medical Center of Springfield for hosting our donations yesterday last minute. Their staff was kind, helpful, and supportive of our mission. We traded snacks for their exam room and we were able to get some last minute desperately needed doggy blood donations before the holiday. It was also a big day for Hershey. This was her last donation and if we hadn’t found a replacement site – we would have missed this momentous occasion. One last snuggle with Chris, one last tail wag at Dr Latchford, and one more round of snacks from BRVBB. Her brother Dresden has been donating for over a year and is fully taking over the donation torch for her. She screened into the program when she had just turned 9 months of age. She turns 9 years old next month. Having given over 3 gallons of blood, saving nearly 100 other lives, she is a pretty special girl and deserves all the love she can get! Her and her family have been a pleasure to work with and we will continue have the honor of working with the rest of their family for years to come. 

Forever grateful,

The staff of the Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank