Do you know your blood type?

Many of you may be blood donors yourselves. What is your blood type? Now let’s ask this.. how many of you know your dog’s blood type? If your dog is or was a blood donor you may already know this important info. How easy is it to blood type a dog you might ask? Super easy! A quick blood draw and two minutes of time. Does your veterinarian have quick in house blood typing tests on hand? Talk to your regular veterinarian about ordering a test for your dog today. It is good information to have on hand if your dog ever becomes ill, or has an accident needing a life saving blood transfusion. The emergency veterinary staff will be so glad you have this information ahead of time. Does your veterinarian have questions? Have them call us today! We ship nationwide. 1-800-949-3822 ask for BRVBB at extension #133.