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Blood Donation Sites in Purcellville

Convenient Locations in Maryland & Virginia

Enrolling your healthy dog at one of our offered blood donation sites can make a huge impact in another pet's life, especially if he or she is suffering from a serious condition. Our donor sites, benefits, along with eligibility requirements and reminders may vary at at each donation site - so please do not hesitate to reach out for any questions or concerns.

For more information about our donation location sites, please don't hesitate to call us at (540) 507-2940 or contact us online today.

Maryland Donation Locations

Click on the links below for more information about the following donation sites:

Virginia Donation Locations

We have a list of other NOVA sites we are looking into once we add another donation team.

Currently, we offer services at the following Virginia donation sites:

For additional information, contact us today to find out when we will be in your city!

Donor Testimonials

  • “Giving blood is not a simple act, it is a humble act and noble gesture. GIVING BLOOD IS PART OF YOU, your essence.”

    - Scott Smith
  • “Comet trots into the office eagerly and leaps onto the exam table in anticipation of love and peanut butter.”

    - Joan Cleveland
  • “I am proud that Comet happily helps other dogs and I know he is not ever going to get hurt or scared while he donates.”

    - Joan Cleveland
  • “We love the peanut butter and cheese!”

    - Maresa Campbell-Huber
  • “We love knowing that just a few minutes of our time can help save a beloved pet.”

    - Tracy and Tutti Williams

Why Become a Donor?

  • Save Dog's Lives Across the Country
  • Be a Part of Humanely Sourced Life Saving Blood Products
  • Always a Positive Visit for Dog's & Their Owners
Have Questions?

Whether you are interested in becoming a donor or have questions about our products, we would be happy to speak to you!