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Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank

Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank

Blood Bank in Purcellville, VA - 15 Convenient Donor Locations Across Virginia & Maryland

Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank recruits young, happy, and healthy donors for our program. We understand the importance of giving blood and what it means to help save the life of a pet. Our facility is located 35 minutes west of Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia.

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Dogs that join our donor program are lifesavers across the country.

All of our canine blood donors live happily at home with their families!

We take great pride in making it a positive visit for both dogs and their owners. Why have your dog donate blood? Just like humans, dogs require blood for a wide variety of injuries, surgeries, or illnesses. Without willing volunteers, many beloved pets would not have a chance to be treated and reunited with their owners. 

Just like humans depend on the generous donations of blood donors from volunteer programs, so does the veterinary industry. As more people get furry companions, the pet population increases and so does the need for blood transfusions. When pets require a surgical procedure or are getting treated for trauma, heat strokes, auto-immune diseases, or any other illnesses, blood transfusions are a necessity.

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Trusted Veterinary Providers

We Are Your Source for Humane Life-Saving Blood Products

Our facility is located 35 minutes west of Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia.

We proudly ship donated blood products coast to coast and offer a variety of blood products, ancillary supplies, and educational opportunities for your hospital to be knowledgeable and prepared when it comes to transfusion medicine or in-house donor collection.

We are available for consultations both in-person if you are local to us and on-the-phone as an additional resource for educating the veterinary community.

Join our team and start saving lives today by calling us at (540) 370-9955 or contacting us online for more information.

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We at Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank have been dedicated to providing quality veterinary care to the Purcellville, VA community since 1993. We strive to treat your pets with the same care and compassion as if they were our own.