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Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank

It's National Dog Week!

Girl Lying Down Playing with Golden Retriever (Dog)

September 16, 2022

Lifesaving Doggy blood donors to be recognized during National Dog Week.

National Dog Week was created in 1928 by WWI Captain William Lewis Judy to show appreciation for our four-legged companions. This week we celebrate a special group of our furry friends this week - the canine lifesaving blood donors!

Nearing 350 regular donors, our blood bank has one of the largest programs in the country.

Donors of many different breeds and mixes, with different jobs and lifestyles. From beautiful Cane Corsos trained for security detail, to the Great Pyrenees as farm and livestock protectors. To the fancy show Borzoi with their flowing locks, to trophy-winning bird hunters. From some of the sweetest snuggly rescued Pit bulls, to the regal Irish Wolfhounds. To the cookie-loving couch-potato Labradors, to the friendliest Heinz57 down the street. We commend the donors and their families that help us save thousands of lives every single year.

Check our photos of our wonderful donors, our team, and our local support folks on our Facebook page.

Recognizing donors across the world!

To the Canadian Animal Blood Bank, the Pet Blood Bank UK, and everywhere in between. We ship over 5000 units of blood every year to pets across the country that need transfusions. We could not do it without our donors and the commitment of their families. Celebrate your dog during National Dog Week, and don't forget to see if they would be a good candidate for your local blood donor program. Check our requirements here

Contact us in the MD/VA metro area.

See our list of donor sites here. If you are out of our area, you can also ask your local emergency specialty referral hospital or your local veterinary teaching university if they have a program.

To prescreen your dog for our program, you can find our form here.