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Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank

It’s not too late to save a dog like Mayhem!

Mayhem, a small black dog, next to another small brown dog and a baby

After successfully recruiting several dogs during January’s Blood Donor Month, we still like to remind the community how essential our doggy donors are to helping us provide life-saving blood across the country.

Without the wonderful donor families that come see us every 6 weeks, we would not have blood products to save dogs like Mayhem, an 11 yr old dachshund, the light of his owner’s life.

Last year Mayhem’s mom came home to find him struggling to breathe.

He was triaged and stabilized upon arriving at Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates' 24/7 facility. After in depth diagnostics, it was determined that he was suffering from mild case of pancreatitis and had issues with his blood clotting. His prognosis was guarded. They were not sure if he would survive. He spent 4 days in the ICU and received a canine blood plasma transfusion on top of other medications and treatments.

With lots of nursing care, lifesaving blood, and prayers from his owner, he beat the odds that were stacked against him. Mayhem returned home feeling much better and back to his old self, a blessing that his owner continues to be thankful for everyday.

Thankful for the dogs who donated the blood that saved his life, Mayhem lives to please his mom and is a great big brother to the other family dachshund and his human brother Killian. We wish him the best years to come at home with his loving family.

Learn how to become a donor family so that you and your furry friend can help dogs like Mayhem.

 Click here to check out our requirements for our canine volunteer blood donors. We have over 20 sites in the Maryland and Virginia metro area.

Questions? Email our donor coordinator Jamie and her team at [email protected].