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Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank

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Product Information

Blood Bank Information in Purcellville

Need to order blood products for your hospital or need a transfusion consult?

Come join one of the nation’s largest all-volunteer, humane, canine blood banks today and help save another pet’s life! Contact us online or call (540) 370-9955 Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank today.

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Placing Orders & Blood Product Pricing Lists:

We currently offer the following blood products:

  • Canine packed red blood cells

  • Canine FFP

  • Canine FP

  • Canine Cryoprecipitate

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While we hope to regularly provide ample feline blood products sometime in the near future, please call us if you are in need of feline blood (prbcs or plasma).

On occasion, we are able to source from an outside partner or might have a unit readily available from one of our nearby feline blood bank partners.

We also have collection and testing supplies to help you perform your own in-house feline collection when necessary. We strive to provide information and resources for all of your transfusion needs.

We also offer ancillary supplies such as all Alvedia typing and crossmatching tests, administration sets, and collection bags.